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True Lives : The Men of The Convoys, the men who sailed on the russian convoys during WWII

St Petersburg, Dec 2018

Russia Dec 2018

The Russian Arctic Convoys Club C21 (RACC) is a founding member of the Brotherhood of The Allied Convoys, which was formed in Iceland in August 2018. In December 2018 a conference was held in St Petersburg, Russia and I and my husband Callum attended.

We flew out a couple of days before so we could have some time in St Petersburg and visited a few ‘touristy’ places and mingled with the Russian people, who were very social and helpful. The conference itself was well attended and we were very well looked after by the St Petersburg members.

More details are in our Newsletter 15 (Spring 2019) and here is a small film we made too 🙂 Anna

Anna & Callum in St Petersburg

Murray Haddow – A message for Russia

Murray Haddow Nov 2018

Veteran Murray Haddow commissioned a painting of the memorial stone at Cove, Loch Ewe (which was placed there by the original Russian Convoy Club).

His daughter-in-law Fiona Haddow, a Dundee artist, created the painting which was on the wall of Murray’s home.

In November 2018, Murray presented the painting to Andrey A Pritsepov, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Edinburgh and the painting was then sent to Russia where Timofey Kunitskiy then presented it to the new Arctic Convoys museum in St Petersburg.

Murray’s message on Youtube

Upcoming Publication – “Veterans Reunion May 2013” Book!

2013 Murray Haddow
2013 Murray Haddow

Upcoming Publication – “Veterans Reunion May 2013” Book!

In May 2013, over 30 ‘Russian Convoys’ WWII Veterans had a wonderful weekend at Loch Ewe where many of the convoys to Russia sailed from.

It was a weekend full of fun, wonderful and happy memories… and all of the Veterans were well taken care of with lots of events & exhibits which they attended. They even had a 1940’s theme going on with the local villages & community taking part. Even the local radio station played vintage songs throughout the weekend!

It was a nostalgic, happy, fun weekend and we have so many photographs, which have never been published, which we wish to share with the world. So we are going to do so and we would
appreciate your help!

“Veterans Reunion May 2013” will be a full colour book with photographs taken during this very special weekend and will have more information on the Veterans who were there.

Victory Day, Moscow, Russia 8th-10th May 2018

Jimmy Baynes May 2018 msg to Russia

Victory Day, Moscow, Russia 8th-10th May 2018

Victory Day celebrations and Immortal Regiment parade is taking place in Moscow and the Veterans of the Russian Convoys will be remembered.

Veteran Jimmy Baynes made this special film (with Rosemary Lever) which will be broadcast on Russian TV on Monday 7th May 2018.

Jimmy Baynes – Message to Russia – View HERE

Jimmy also wrote;

“Along with all Arctic veterans I have a special personal relationship with the Russian people. Whatever the present day international situation one cannot change history.

I am looking forward very much to attending the Victory ceremony on Wednesday. It is wonderful to see such personal feeling expressed and the hospitality of our hosts is warm and friendly.

The RAC and Russian Federation have cemented a friendship that will remain for ever”

Kind regards,
Jimmy Baynes
5th May 2018

Lt Cmdr Roy Dykes Arctic Star Film (2013)

Veteran of the Russian Convoys Lt Cmdr Roy Dykes talks about the campaign for the Arctic Star in the UK and is filmed talking about it just after being presented with his medal in 2013

View the film HERE

Featuring Lt Cmdr Roy Dykes and Cmdr Eddie Grenfell (1920-2013) who campaigned for the medal

Film & Photo by Whitchurch, Hampshire and thanks to Michael J Feltham for the link

RACC Books & Publications

Jimmy Baynes Trinity Memorial 2017
Jimmy Baynes Trinity Memorial 2017

RACC Books & Publications

We have a new page on our website where you can find information about our publications.

Any/all profit comes back to RACC and helps pay for the website hosting, as everyone who helps us does so for free (and pays their own way voluntarily to events etc)

We use “print by demand” so that the publications will always be available to you – so please do have a wee look.

We do have some items here in Dundee, Scotland (where RACC is based) and are happy to post these out too – so please do get in touch if you have any queries.

Our Publications Page is HERE

True Lives : The Men of The Convoys

True Lives on our website – view here

Bob Cowan (Ashona, Ashanti, PQ16, PQ17)
Bert Glazerbrook (Serapis, Walker, EZR27, RA59)
Bert Guilford (Bellona)
Jack Humble (Mahratta with shipmates Alec Jones, Fred Hill)
Stanley McKessock (Repellent, Premier)
Robert McTear (Unknown)

We have some information for over 1,000 men & ships which we are always looking to add to & validate for future generations. If you have a relative who was on the Convoys we would love to hear from you. Please email us at