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Upcoming Publication – “Veterans Reunion May 2013” Book!

2013 Murray Haddow
2013 Murray Haddow

Upcoming Publication – “Veterans Reunion May 2013” Book!

In May 2013, over 30 ‘Russian Convoys’ WWII Veterans had a wonderful weekend at Loch Ewe where many of the convoys to Russia sailed from.

It was a weekend full of fun, wonderful and happy memories… and all of the Veterans were well taken care of with lots of events & exhibits which they attended. They even had a 1940’s theme going on with the local villages & community taking part. Even the local radio station played vintage songs throughout the weekend!

It was a nostalgic, happy, fun weekend and we have so many photographs, which have never been published, which we wish to share with the world. So we are going to do so and we would
appreciate your help!

“Veterans Reunion May 2013” will be a full colour book with photographs taken during this very special weekend and will have more information on the Veterans who were there.

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