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Lt Cmdr Roy Dykes Arctic Star Film (2013)

Veteran of the Russian Convoys Lt Cmdr Roy Dykes talks about the campaign for the Arctic Star in the UK and is filmed talking about it just after being presented with his medal in 2013

View the film HERE

Featuring Lt Cmdr Roy Dykes and Cmdr Eddie Grenfell (1920-2013) who campaigned for the medal

Film & Photo by Whitchurch, Hampshire and thanks to Michael J Feltham for the link

RACC Books & Publications

Jimmy Baynes Trinity Memorial 2017
Jimmy Baynes Trinity Memorial 2017

RACC Books & Publications

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Newsletter 6 – December 2016

Newsletter 6 – December 2016

Featuring veterans in Liverpool, HMS Dragon, Arctic Star, McKessock family memorabilia/veteran Stanley McKessock, Royal Navy/Owen Cooban, events in Russia for Dervish, HMS Belfast association/Mike Matthews, veteran Bob Owen, veteran Ken Watson 90th birthday/Rosemary Lever, new book/Hugh Sebag-Montefiore, Ushakov medal and Salty the ships cat

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